The boys are back!

Well, singular – the boy is back! After a month-long absence and lack of updates, your truly has returned from a self-imposed exile and resuming the mantle of the Travelling Editor.

Circumstances of my absence? I hear you ask. If only I could fabricate a pretence for my 'slothful performance' – I have, in all sincerity, just endured a period of medical conditions and excruciations that left me incapacitated.

Remember that trip I went on? You know, the one where I hitchhiked across Canada? Well that seems like a lifetime ago. When the initial surges of pride and self-satisfaction fizzled out, the Grand Canadian Hitchhike's aftermath unravelled a condition erupting all over my body, one I've hardly experienced in my life so far: allergies. Whilst I'd never heard of anti-histamines before travelling to Canada, anti-histamines have since almost become a daily diet.

Then the descent steepened.

After hitchhiking from Munich to Innsbruck for the Travel Bloggers Unite conference my feet became swollen and drenched in pain. Lumps materialised on both sides of my neck. Obeying Abigail King's counsel I checked myself into the local emergency room. The diagnosis was inconclusive. I had to cut short my time in Austria and flew home, where another visit to the hospital determined that I had a viral infection – once again, the conclusions were vague.

Exactly how bad it was – and how far the virus stripped my body of its defence system – would reveal itself when I had tonsillitis for the first time in my life.

Difficulties swallowing and breathing, yet another tour of the NHS, discovery of my hidden allergy for penicillin thanks to a swollen lip and constant dosages of antibiotics dominated the ensuing week.

That's amidst a frantic property hunt, preparations for undergraduate studies and establishing the Meandering Catalysts Society.

But hey, good news: tonsillitis is now gone, new flat found, and my focus is back on The Travelling Editor. Nice sounding huh?

Some exciting news on the horizon, too. Following the travel bloggers conferences I've attended in Vancouver and – sick and delirious as I was – Innsbruck, I've formulated a whole bunch of ideas to bring The Travelling Editor to the next level. Also, in terms of content and networking, I'll be working closely to my new housemate Matt, who has recently arrived from Toronto and managed to get a job in travel PR. A pretty kick-ass combination, if you ask me.

The boy is back.


  1. Glad to hear you are back in action, my friend!

  2. Geez, sounds like you properly went through the wringer!! Glad you’re back and better and looking forward to new things!

    • Cheers! It’s good to be back in shape and not function on a cotton-stuffed brain. In fact, I bloody hope it isn’t an allergy to cotton I’m suffering…

  3. Sounds like a rough month.  Glad you’re back.


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