A photogenic year of travels – spectacular photos from 2014

2014 has been a bit of a personalised, polarised odyssey for me. It was a path I traversed whereupon the troughs peaked higher and dipped lower than any years of my life thus far, let alone since my travel awakening – and by extension, the photography department relished and languished just as blessedly and haplessly. What could’ve… MORE »

Cargo ship over “Instagram Pier”, Hong Kong

The locals called it the “Instagram Pier”; and at a time as photographer-luring as impending sunset, it didn’t take much figuring out why this dockland of Hong Kong Island, near Kennedy Town, was fittingly named so. It’s swarming with cameras, smartphones, tripods and assorted props. A wedding-attired couple idled whilst their photographer preyed for dusk. The… MORE »

A photographic sketch of Hong Kong


If there’s one thing Hong Kong should be famed for, it should be the versatility of its landscape. The topographic jaggedness makes flatness impossible, and ascents virtually unavoidable; not only does the positioning of structures vary throughout the metropolis, so do perspectives of your visual absorption change wherever your footsteps take you. And then there’s… MORE »

Heritage of hidden Hong Kong

Heritage of hidden Hong Kong

If buildings and metropoles rose solely by the turning of winches and gears, then Hong Kong’s revolvement is operating on turbo speed – easily one of the most versatile cities in Asia, if not the world, new shards of glass emerge every day from the jagged topography and ascend ladders of steel framework, each taking a… MORE »

Photogenic You: Mongkok, Hong Kong


What the Mongkok street scenes epitomise is just how hectic Hong Kong is. The never-ceasing influx of people ebbs along pavements, wiggling in and out of side streets either with haste or leisure. Across the metal fences, uniform flow of red taxis, battered lorries and mini vans shuffle and halt, spitting fumes and grunting. Beneath… MORE »