A photogenic year of travels – spectacular photos from 2014

2014 has been a bit of a personalised, polarised odyssey for me. It was a path I traversed whereupon the troughs peaked higher and dipped lower than any years of my life thus far, let alone since my travel awakening – and by extension, the photography department relished and languished just as blessedly and haplessly. What could’ve… MORE »

The Eurasian fervour of Tong Tong Fair

What had me hooked first was the fluttering of folding fans. They batted like eyelids, catching my attention as I entered the Culture Pavilion with their flickering movements, balanced delicately on fingertips; they swirled, dipped and soared, in fluid synchrony with their dancing wielders, looking as though they were an extension of their bodies than a… MORE »

The thunderous convergence of Rotterdam Unlimited

It was as though I could hear the thunder before I saw the lightning. My high stool could have rocked – if my ear drums hadn’t trembled and knocked me off onto the pavement. The beer vibrated within its glass, which pulsed atop rhythmic shockwaves drawing near. Then, everything stopped: the quake on the ground, the air-shattering thuds… MORE »

Dinner at the Helsinki Fire Station

The evening gust caressed me and cooled me down; I hadn’t noticed my body was overheating – from climbing up almost-ten storeys of the watchtower, no doubt, but was that another source simmering in my pores from spending the last three hours in the kitchen? My gaze hopped over the balcony’s barrier and captured my reward:… MORE »

A photographic sketch of Rauma

Question was: which house to look at? Structurally, every wood-panelled lodging in Rauma’s historic Old Town seemed uniform. To walk amongst them was like miniaturising myself and meandering within a diorama; aligning the grids of side streets and public squares, they may well be model houses mass-manufactured in the same design, in minute variations of shapes and frameworks. Yet… MORE »

Cargo ship over “Instagram Pier”, Hong Kong

The locals called it the “Instagram Pier”; and at a time as photographer-luring as impending sunset, it didn’t take much figuring out why this dockland of Hong Kong Island, near Kennedy Town, was fittingly named so. It’s swarming with cameras, smartphones, tripods and assorted props. A wedding-attired couple idled whilst their photographer preyed for dusk. The… MORE »