It was an absolute honour to be invited back to speak at the New York Travel Festival. It’s beginning to become one of those annual homages of mine: boarding a plane from London at the crack of April dawn, disembarking in Dublin, then responding to the US custom officer’s query with a sprinkle of anticipation and pride – even when the simple answer of “holiday” would’ve spared me all that curiosity and interrogation.

And this year, with some measure of insistence on my part, I got to speak about two of my life’s greatest passions: food and storytelling.

And, as if my zeal alone wasn’t enough, I was joined by a roster of fellow panelists and speakers at the two sessions, How to Become the Ideal Eater and Peace through Travel, who are all shining illustrations of just how far your passion can elevate your life, professionally and personally.

Here are the recordings of these two happenings during the NY Trav Fest weekend: the first is the total, unadulterated geek-out of four individuals finger-deep in food travel, their thoughts on the state of all things culinary at present and some of their best stories; the second are the revolving perspectives of five seasoned travellers – each a unique interpretation of how peace may be achieved through travel.

Apologies for the low resolution of the video visuals, since these were captured on an iPhone 5C for live Periscope broadcasts with mediocre wireless internet.