The Ripple Movement: a taste of humanity

The Ripple Movement

It all began with an appreciation for food. I was fantasising about doing a culinary trip across Europe for quite some time – not that my passion for all things gastronomical is kept secret. Though I’d hoped to impart my obsession through this journey, originally by creating videos and recipes, for good reasons: I wanted to raise… MORE »

A photogenic year of travels – spectacular photos from 2014

2014 has been a bit of a personalised, polarised odyssey for me. It was a path I traversed whereupon the troughs peaked higher and dipped lower than any years of my life thus far, let alone since my travel awakening – and by extension, the photography department relished and languished just as blessedly and haplessly. What could’ve… MORE »

The Eurasian fervour of Tong Tong Fair

What had me hooked first was the fluttering of folding fans. They batted like eyelids, catching my attention as I entered the Culture Pavilion with their flickering movements, balanced delicately on fingertips; they swirled, dipped and soared, in fluid synchrony with their dancing wielders, looking as though they were an extension of their bodies than a… MORE »

The palatal awakening of Mercatino del Gusto

Arriving in Maglie was to walk into a lurid dream state. The August sunlight, reflecting on the limestones and alabaster, glazed a mist-like filter over my eyes; in this hallucinogenic translucence, Giorgio and I happened upon a cafe and brought our deckchairs under an umbrella – even in its shade, the heat was overpowering, senses-dulling. What… MORE »

The thunderous convergence of Rotterdam Unlimited

It was as though I could hear the thunder before I saw the lightning. My high stool could have rocked – if my ear drums hadn’t trembled and knocked me off onto the pavement. The beer vibrated within its glass, which pulsed atop rhythmic shockwaves drawing near. Then, everything stopped: the quake on the ground, the air-shattering thuds… MORE »

The melodic resonance of Sastamala Gregoriana

I’d come to the old church to revel in its acoustic resonance – yet the only echoes I perceived were dirt grazing against my sole, and the soft-spoken Finnish dialogues between Johannes and the elderly parish overseer. But then, the recital wasn’t taking place until the evening, and the prolonged sunlight during Finland’s summer had me… MORE »