A photogenic year of travels – spectacular photos from 2014

2014 has been a bit of a personalised, polarised odyssey for me. It was a path I traversed whereupon the troughs peaked higher and dipped lower than any years of my life thus far, let alone since my travel awakening – and by extension, the photography department relished and languished just as blessedly and haplessly. What could’ve… MORE »

The palatal awakening of Mercatino del Gusto

Arriving in Maglie was to walk into a lurid dream state. The August sunlight, reflecting on the limestones and alabaster, glazed a mist-like filter over my eyes; in this hallucinogenic translucence, Giorgio and I happened upon a cafe and brought our deckchairs under an umbrella – even in its shade, the heat was overpowering, senses-dulling. What… MORE »

The thunderous convergence of Rotterdam Unlimited

It was as though I could hear the thunder before I saw the lightning. My high stool could have rocked – if my ear drums hadn’t trembled and knocked me off onto the pavement. The beer vibrated within its glass, which pulsed atop rhythmic shockwaves drawing near. Then, everything stopped: the quake on the ground, the air-shattering thuds… MORE »

The melodic resonance of Sastamala Gregoriana

I’d come to the old church to revel in its acoustic resonance – yet the only echoes I perceived were dirt grazing against my sole, and the soft-spoken Finnish dialogues between Johannes and the elderly parish overseer. But then, the recital wasn’t taking place until the evening, and the prolonged sunlight during Finland’s summer had me… MORE »

Canoeing on the lake, Kuhmo

The sunset draped a glean on the sapphire lake and turned it amber – and we were about to run our canoe head-on to the shoreline. My focus was so fixed for a moment on the horizon, the bold line of landmass – the Finnish town of Kuhmo, distantly – separating the two patches of… MORE »

Dinner at the Helsinki Fire Station

The evening gust caressed me and cooled me down; I hadn’t noticed my body was overheating – from climbing up almost-ten storeys of the watchtower, no doubt, but was that another source simmering in my pores from spending the last three hours in the kitchen? My gaze hopped over the balcony’s barrier and captured my reward:… MORE »