Why I went to The Philippines

Even after not seeing him since seven years ago, I instinctively anticipated the punchline in Willy’s story. “There was a Filipino couple who went to Madrid. They found a restaurant that serves bull meat after they’re killed by the matador. You know, the one who kills the bull in bullfighting? So the Filipinos ate the… MORE »

Thank you, and thank you for your patience

“Gracias por su paciencia.” In my head, I repeated the Spanish phrase, enunciating the last word some five times. Pa-thee-en-thee-a. A bit trickier than its English equivalent – three extra syllables and some lisping, to be precise – but they surely sounded similar. I was standing outside the hotel pecking a cigarette when I plucked out my… MORE »

A photographic sketch of Venice

Oh, Venice. Aren’t you a beauty? Your famed façades of ageing edifices, your veins and capillaries in constant circulation, like a colossal slumbering organism: that’s your complexion most frequently adorning postcards and photography, that your admirers come in cohorts to revel. But isn’t it the fabric of your skin, the contours of textures and variations… MORE »

A lot of apologies to be made

Publishing a post entitled Leaping on the Holocaust Memorial is my mistake of a lifetime. It was tactless of me from the choice of title to the wording of context. Reckless in the urgency to publish. Naïve in ignorance of the topic’s harrowing nature. Idiotic for presenting a story in such a shallow manner – for… MORE »

In the event of a comfort zone breach

At least even some of those closest to me are spared of my violet mood swings. But that leaves me confined even more stiflingly in my intrinsic cage of volatile emotions. It’s a trap within a trap, where the outer boundaries are the walls of my bedroom, the enclosure of my apartment, the bleakness of… MORE »

A photographic sketch of Chiang Mai

One prominence lends voice to another, and in Chiang Mai’s case, Buddhism speaks for much of its architectural landscape. Trespassing through a sandwich of moat, relentless traffic and defensive wall, then to be swallowed within the brick fortification roughly marking the old city’s expanse, is a reversion of time – in isolated time portals scattered… MORE »